Hackers? Yes. But what color hat?

PBS NewsHour re-aired a short documentary on hackers that draws on the stories from our Cyber Rattling series. Coresondent Rick Karr spent some time with me at the Trib and focused on the work CMU does to train hackers. Whether they go on to wear a white hat or black, well…


ANDREW CONTE:  It’s often the people who as young high school students they started goofin’ around with– electronics or computers, and they started figuring out, you know, how to do simple attacks, how to get inside of– machines.

RICK KARR: Andrew Conte is an investigative reporter at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review who’s written dozens of articles about hackers and cybersecurity.

ANDREW CONTE : And at some point they make the decision.  You know, “Am I going to be– a good hacker or a bad hacker? And there’s not that much difference between them in terms of– their abilities.  Huge difference in terms of their motivations.

Watch the entire video here. And check out our Cyber Rattling series by clicking here.

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