Launch Party for The Color of Sundays

It’s time to exorcise some demons with the launch of my new book, The Color of Sundays, at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 6. We’re taking it to the Clark Bar & Grillmain-qimg-a6e7612b2858a14aeb616bcf0c9928d7

Not just because they once let my friends dance on the bar top. Or because they make a go-to turkey club sandwich. But because the Clark Bar is part of our DNA as Pittsburghers.

Don’t believe me? Sure there was always the Clark candy bar and the iconic neon sign on top of the 83176132_7c2e7b2984_ofactory. I have spent a good chunk of my life toiling away in that building, where the Tribune-Review makes its home.

But for a greater reason than any of that, it was at the Clark Bar where we truly agonized as Pittsburgh Pirates fans. Before the agony, fans piled into the bar on October 14, 1992, and celebrated as the Pirates took a 2-0 lead in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series. CBS television panned across the jubilant crowd…

Clark celebrates

Clark BarAnd then, as Doug Drabek handed the ball over to Stan Belinda, and as Sid Bream stretched out his bum knee at first base, the Clark Bar became a spiritual place. I was not there that night but looking at these images I feel like we all were there that night.

Clark 2

So when we gather on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, it will be the eve of the National League playoffs. We will celebrate the launch of my book. And we will cast out the demons of so many years ago!

Hope to see you there. The event is free and open to the public. I will be selling and signing books at a discounted price.




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