“Inspired, but also angered” – College Football Hall of Fame


College Football Hall of FameFor anyone into football history, few jobs could be better than the one Kent Stephens has.

He works as historian and curator for the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. The building now also houses the Black College Football Hall of Fame. Kent has been working on an exhibit about the Black College All-America teams that the Pittsburgh Courier started naming in 1925.

Kent took out a little time to read The Color of Sundays. His take…

“There are countless untold stories tracing back through the history of racially segregated sports. Conte tells the Bill Nunn, Jr. story in a way that will leave you inspired, but also angered at the injustice that he and millions of others had to endure. This biography will leave you with a desire to learn more about this aspect of football’s past.”



Launch Party 6-8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct 6. Clark Bar & Grill. Free parking.

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