reviews The Color

Bob Labriola at knew Bill Nunn Jr. personally and has done more over the years to chronicle the team than almost anyone. It was especially important for me then to see what he would say about The Color of Sundays. His review is out today, and I really appreciate his kind words and deep understanding of the book and its themes…

Bob Labriola

Bob Labriola

“Bill Nunn is one of the most significant men ever to be involved in the scouting aspect of professional football, and his skill at this job is evident in the names etched on those six Lombardi trophies on display at the Steelers practice facility. Conte tells some of that story, but the real value of his effort is the context of the time in America when Nunn was growing into manhood.”


Check out the full review at Reminder: I will be talking about some of the stories behind the book at 6 p.m., Thursday, at Point Park University, Downtown. Registration:


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