Cyber warfare: Exclusive

I always love being the only reporter in the room.

When that happened again at the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare conference in New York City, I landed exclusive interviews with top NATO experts planning for both future online wars — and the kind of ongoing cyber-skirmishes that we see with more frequency.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerNEW YORK — After President Obama publicly blamed North Korea for a computer attack on Sony Entertainment and vowed the United States would respond in some fashion, that country’s Internet service went out for more than nine hours.

No one knew whether the United States caused the outage. But if it did, the administration could have been justified in taking credit publicly, said Michael Schmitt, director of the Stockton Center for the Study of International Law at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

“In my view, they violated our sovereignty…Read more.

I also learned how much North Korea’s attack on Sony Entertainment continues to reverberate with top military and private sector computer security experts. Forget that this all started with a raunchy, unwatchable movie (I made the mistake of trying to watch it with my teen-aged son and father-in-law!). The incident changed the way that nations think about how to respond to a computer attack from another nation-state. The insiders are serious — saying an online incident could provoke a real-world response.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerNEW YORK CITY — Computer attacks like North Korea’s breach of Sony Entertainment are not acts of war, but they could cause enough havoc and economic pain to trigger a military response, experts told the Tribune-Review on Thursday.

The Sony incident, which delayed the planned national release of “The Interview,” a comedy film that parodied North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the CIA and journalists, set standards for how the United States responds to computer attacks on American citizens and companies… Read more.

Also NATO re-tweeted the story…


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