Thanks for being awesome

First Heinz Field Steelers game with my daughter. As they say, Go big...

First Heinz Field Steelers game with my daughter. As they say, Go big…

Thanks to everyone who made The Color of Sundays such a success this fall. Because of the book, I have met so many interesting people, heard so many important stories and learned a lot about myself. I’m really grateful to be surrounded by a loving family and so many terrific friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


1 thought on “Thanks for being awesome

  1. Thanks for the pictures. At the end of “Color of Sunday’s,” you credit photographer Justin Merriman for a photograph. He was my student, albeit a reluctant one. He said, “I never signed up for this course.” However, after talking to the guidance counselor, who probably gave him options, such as, physics, trig or calculus, he decided to stay. When he went to UPG, the newspaper sponsor told him to take the camera and walk around campus taking pictures. Obviously, he was good because he works at the TR.
    I am enjoying your books as well as the news articles (especially last week’s story on the web hacking).
    Merry Christmas and very story-filled new year!


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