Honored to have my column in the Courier

In truly one of the highlights of my career, The New Pittsburgh Courier asked me to write a short column about Bill Nunn Jr. and why I wrote about him in The Color of Sundays. It’s in this week’s edition. We’re excited to see Nunn get inducted this weekend into the Steelers’ Hall of Honor.


“a well-researched and welcome addition” — Pittsburgh Magazine

The latest copy of Pittsburgh Magazine has a nice review of “The Color of Sundays”

Pittsburgh Magazine“Andrew Conte’s “The Color of Sundays” is a well-researched and welcome [addition] to Steelers scholarship. A book about Bill Nunn Jr. certainly was overdue…”

Reviewer Kristofer Collins didn’t love that I took several side trips — to boxing, Civil Rights, Jackie Robinson, etc. But to me, they were critical to the overall story. Not just of Nunn’s life and contribution to the Steelers, but to the larger story of integrating American life.

Check out the full review here. And decide for yourself by checking out the book here.

Thanks for being awesome

First Heinz Field Steelers game with my daughter. As they say, Go big...

First Heinz Field Steelers game with my daughter. As they say, Go big…

Thanks to everyone who made The Color of Sundays such a success this fall. Because of the book, I have met so many interesting people, heard so many important stories and learned a lot about myself. I’m really grateful to be surrounded by a loving family and so many terrific friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


‘The Color’ LIVE — Appearance on KDKA-TV

I had a great talk with Brenda Waters and Jon Burnett on Pittsburgh Today Live. Jon played football at the University of Tennessee in the 1970s, and he brought a little of that personal experience to the discussion. You can see the full segment (and more of my red socks) here.



Pittsburgh Today Live — Friday morning

I will be making appearances on KDKA-TV over the next several days.

I’ll be visiting with Pittsburgh Today Live on Friday morning. I suppose it will be live (as the name suggests), so tune in at 9 a.m. to see if I goof up.

And then I’ll be visiting with Lynne Hayes Freeland on her show, which airs at 7 a.m. Saturday on the CW and at 6 a.m. Sunday on KDKA. We had one of the best discussions yet about The Color of Sundays. We talked pretty openly about race, which ironically does not come up often during my book appearances.

Because I know all of you won’t be setting your alarms, I’ll be sure to link to the shows here as well!

You can find the book at Barnes & Noble stores, online at Amazon.com, at lots of local retailers or directly through me

Me hanging out with Lynne Hayes Freeland.

Me hanging out with Lynne Hayes Freeland.

Pittsburgh Sports Report features ‘The Color’

Pittsburgh Sports Report has posted a nice write-up about The Color of Sundays

Conte found motivation for the book after meeting Nunn, as well as hearing stories from men of Nunn’s generation who experienced the segregation first hand. Conte felt it was important to record these stories for today’s fans and future generations.