Chinese takeout

Looking at Chinese military hacking, we figured out that they were using free email services backed by American investors. By way of the Cayman Islands. It’s a little complicated but I was able to work Wang Dong into the story…

Chinese hackers

American investors are unknowingly making it easier for Chinese hackers and other online criminals to hide from authorities here, the Tribune-Review has learned.

Chinese military hackers, accused of stealing corporate secrets, routinely use free email service providers based in their country — beyond the reach of the FBI and American courts.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerThose email providers receive billions of dollars in funding through offshore partners that trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York, federal records show.

Wang Dong, a military hacker on the FBI’s cyber most-wanted list, set up an account with the handle “UglyGorilla” on China’s That free email service is provided by the Chinese partner of Cayman Islands-based NetEase, which trades on the Nasdaq under the trading symbol NTES and has outstanding shares valued at nearly $10 billion.

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