A crazy night in Pittsburgh

Compassion. Compromise. A willingness to hear what others have to say. Even when you don’t agree.

We brought all of those elements together when Newsmax founder Christopher Ruddy recently visited Point Park University. My take on what happens when we create time to listen. I’d like to see more of this happening, particularly right here in river city, a blue dot surrounded by a sea of red. Let me know what you think: aconte@ pointpark.edu.

Me interviewing Christopher Ruddy at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Photo by Gracey Evans.

A strange thing happened in Pittsburgh recently: A right-of-center speaker appeared on a college campus, students organized a protest — and everyone left the event feeling they’d been heard.

Few Americans these days seem willing to share a room with anyone who does not also share their ideology and political outlook. But Pittsburgh serves as a key place for such dialogue: a blue dot of voters who supported Hillary Clinton, surrounded by a sea of red, representing President Donald Trump’s supporters. It’s a short drive to cover that gap, but few of us take the time to try understanding each other’s perspective.

That makes it all the more remarkable when those moments happen. Read more…