A hacker’s best friend

Brooklyn lawyer Arkady Bukh defends many of the world’s biggest hackers, along with a colorful cast of characters. He spent some time over the past several weeks talking with me about how he helps mostly Eastern Europeans find their way through the federal courts system. It’s a booming business now that the U.S. is stepping up prosecutions of foreign hackers. You can see his story here

BadB cartoon

A hacker known as “Track2” helped steal more than 200,000 credit card numbers from small retailers across the United States and sold them online to other criminals for more than $2 million, according to adt.common.streams.StreamServer federal indictment.
“This is a very, very famous hacker,” said Arkady Bukh , a Brooklyn-based defense attorney. “… That person deserves to be sentenced to a very, very long jail time. It’s not a question.”

The real question, Bukh said, is whether federal prosecutors can prove that Track2 is Roman Seleznev… Read more.

Chinese takeout

Looking at Chinese military hacking, we figured out that they were using free email services backed by American investors. By way of the Cayman Islands. It’s a little complicated but I was able to work Wang Dong into the story…

Chinese hackers

American investors are unknowingly making it easier for Chinese hackers and other online criminals to hide from authorities here, the Tribune-Review has learned.

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