Give ‘The Color’ for Christmas!

Updated Front CoverA personalized copy of The Color of Sundays makes a terrific holiday gift!

One of my favorite memories from the first book, Breakaway, was seeing all of the Twitter messages on Christmas morning from people who received the book as a gift. Let’s do it again.

Personalized copies of The Color of Sundays are $35 (which includes shipping and tax). Send your order request to Please include information about how you want the book to be inscribed and your shipping address. We will work out the rest of the details.

— Andy


Cyber warfare: Exclusive

I always love being the only reporter in the room.

When that happened again at the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare conference in New York City, I landed exclusive interviews with top NATO experts planning for both future online wars — and the kind of ongoing cyber-skirmishes that we see with more frequency.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerNEW YORK — After President Obama publicly blamed North Korea for a computer attack on Sony Entertainment and vowed the United States would respond in some fashion, that country’s Internet service went out for more than nine hours.

No one knew whether the United States caused the outage. But if it did, the administration could have been justified in taking Continue reading